THRIVE is our most popular and comprehensive program. We believe that most (if not all) people in our culture could highly benefit from our THRIVE Program.THRIVE is a 6-8 month, very comprehensive program that is focused on helping you co-create health and regain your vitality. It is structured in a way that helps us determine what the exact…

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Our DETOX Program focuses on True Cellular Detox. DETOX is a 3+ month, very comprehensive program that goes beyond the typical liver detox or colon cleanse. We live in a very toxic world today so we need a very detailed and comprehensive approach to deal with the toxic overload we are constantly exposed to. Our DETOX Program is a 3-phase program that is centered…:

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Creative Healing Solutions offers comprehensive medical weight loss HCG programs called SHRINK. Each of the programs is medically supervised by Dr. Strand and focuses on the physical, emotional, and nutritional aspects of weight loss. Depending on your health, your schedule, and the amount of weight you have to lose, we have three different programs to choose from:

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Creative 30

We fully understand that not everyone is able, ready &/or willing to commit to the comprehensive approach that we offer, so we created a free program that offers 30 effective and unique health tips that everyone can benefit from. Please click below to join the program so you can receive one daily email for 30 days & learn valuable tools to “become the solution” to your health.

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