Remove the Obstacles to Cure

There are SO many things about naturopathic medicine that I love, but one of my favorite tenets of naturopathic medicine is…Remove the Obstacles to Cure. This tenet has always stuck with me and I use it every day in my practice with every patient that I see.

Remove the Obstacles to Cure means this…healing is often times impeded by obstacles such as diet, stress, medications, toxicity, hormonal imbalances, etc. If you can identify and remove these “obstacles to cure”, then the innate Healing Power of Nature within the body will allow for true healing and cure to occur (provided sufficient vital force is available to support it).

This page is designed to help you “remove the obstacles to cure”. I will regularly be posting blogs and videos dealing with different “obstacles” and providing recommendations on how to remove these obstacles.

Watch our videos below for more info on “Removing the Obstacles to Cure”

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