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I am blessed and grateful to own Creative Healing Solutions and work in the same office with so many other amazing doctors & healers. We all have our own practices and we each have a passion for different specialties and modalities. I strongly believe, that as a patient, you must feel comfortable and confident with your doctor/provider in order to receive the best results. If I am not the “right” doctor for you, I would be glad to facilitate a referral to one of the other practitioners in the office, or anyone else I think may be a better fit for you.

Dr. Angela Bowers, PhD

Dr. Angela Bowers, PhD

Dr. Angela Bowers, PhD, is a clinical psychologist that has been practicing for nearly 30 years. She is one of the most kind, centered, and balanced people that I know. I am honored to work closely with Dr. Bowers and I learn from her every day.

Dr. Bowers’ Philosophy: My training and professional experience has been with clients of all ages. I work primarily as a cognitive/behavioral therapist. This means that I am practical, goal oriented, and that the work is research based. I have special training in clinical hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation, as well as yoga. I often blend cognitive work with other modalities like hypnosis, EFT, and guided imagery in partnership with clients. I give specific recommendations and frequently assign “homework”. I believe people who are motivated can make tremendous changes. I feel priviledged and honored to work with clients who are facing tough life challenges. I love my work!

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Bianca Jade

Bianca Jade

Bianca Jade is a new addition to our office and has been in the intuitive healing field her whole life. Bianca is a very talented Intuitive Consultant and we are very fortunate to have her and her energy in our office.

Bianca’s Gifts: Bianca uses a combination of modalities to help her clients understand where and why they are stuck in certain patterns in life, such as relationships, diet, finances, health, career choices, etc. Bianca looks at your Energy Field to see where you are drained and compromised and then she uses Intuition, Mediumship, Energy Healing, Reiki, Reconnection, Holistic nutrition, Guided Visualization, and Past life Regression to bring forth a balanced understanding of who you are.

Intuitive Consulting is “A Bridge to You,” to gain Insight and Clarity for an Exceptional life. I work to reestablish the human energy field. Each of us has a unique blueprint of energy and often times it is in need of serious cleaning. Every interaction we have with someone affects our energy system. As we learn how to maintain this delicate system, we are able to sustain our energies more efficiently without giving our power away. I help my clients gain insight on how to remain in their power without allowing others to drain them. This is a process and takes practice to reorganize daily thoughts. Through learning new ways of thinking, we are able to create the life we have always wanted. You will see amazing results from right thinking and begin to manifest your true desires.

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Mary Bai, LMT

Mary Bai, LMT

Mary Bai, LMT is our highly trained & effective medical massage therapist who has “magic hands”. Mary is the owner of Tibialis, Inc and is trained in Clinical, Orthopedic, Sports, and Therapeutic Massage Therapy.

Mary Bai’s Background: Prior to starting massage training in Palo Alto, CA in 2003, Mary spent 11.5 years working at Apple Computer in International Distribution. She earned an MBA from Michigan State University and has traveled and lived abroad in multiple countries. She has a passion for foreign languages and she is fluent in Spanish and Japanese.

Once she discovered the healing nature of Massage Therapy, Mary received extensive training in Orthopedic and Sports Massage, gaining insight into the workings of the physical body. Mary uses her knowledge of the human body and basic physics to investigate unnatural movement patterns in her clients’ bodies. She then works to resolve injury and pain in chronic conditions by finding the source of the issue and releasing adhesions and scar tissue to restore original function. Mary is also a Qi Gong Movement Instructor and is trained in Ayurvedic Massage. She gravitated towards studying with native teachers that demonstrated their disciplines as a way of natural life.

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