We truly have the best team ever! Every person on our team has chosen to be here for a reason, and we do our best to create a positive, healthy, fun culture in our office. Our goal is to have your visit to our office to be the best part of your day!

The core team at Creative Healing Solutions consists of Dr. Roxie Strand, Melissa, and Nicole. We are team on a mission. We are a team who likes to have fun. We are a team who believes in what we do. We are a team who is here to serve.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, our compassion for our patients, and our authentic desire to know who our patients are.

Dr. Strand

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

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Naturopathic Medical Assistant

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Front Office Manager

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Our Top 12 Core Values

Practice self-responsibility in all areas of your life
Inspire people to choose a wellness lifestyle
Everything we do adds value to humanity
Constantly learn, grow, and expand
Communicate honestly & openly
Embrace positive change
Get the job done with teamwork and cooperation
Empower people to live a life worth living
You can never have too many hugs
Authentically listen


Other Providers

We at Creative Healing Solutions are blessed and grateful to work in the same office with so many other amazing doctors, healers, and providers. We all have our own practices and we each have a passion for different specialties and modalities. I strongly believe, that as a patient, you must feel comfortable and confident with your doctor/provider in order to achieve the best results. If our approach is not the right fit for you, we would be happy to facilitate a referral to one of the other practitioners in the office, or anyone else we think may be a better fit for you.

Mary Bai

Medical Massage Therapist

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Dr. Jac Daccardi

Chiropractic Physician

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